Wrapped iDNA is a cryptocurrency token pegged to the value of the iDNA coin. It’s called wrapped because the original asset is put in a wrapper, a kind of a digital vault that allows the wrapped version to be created on another blockchain.
The bridge uses a digital vault which holds iDNA coins on the Idena blockchain and issue wrapped iDNA tokens on the Binance Smart Chain that are pegged at a 1:1 ratio to the iDNA native coins. The bridge is hosted by the Idena Core Team.
Bridge vault is the owner of your iDNA coins. And you are the owner of wrapped iDNA coins that are sent to your BSC address.
You can see the reserves in the Idena Vault and in BSC contract.
You can trade your wrapped iDNA on any decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain (e.g. Pancake Swap) or hold it on any wallet which supports BEP-20 token standard (e.g. Trust Wallet).
iDNA will appear in the list of tokens on PancakeSwap after there will be a minimum of 2500 token holders and 5000 transactions. To trade iDNA now, you have to add iDNA token address manually:
or you can use the iDNA add link
Currently, you can transfer coins only between the Bridge and your personal wallet in the Idena Desktop App.

Step 1: Install Metamask and create a Metamask account.
Go to Metamask.io and select from Android or iOS for mobile application or select Chrome for desktop. You can also go directly to the Chrome store or to Google Play store.

Step 2: Connect Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain
Since Metamask was originally made for the Ethereum network, we need to make a few more steps to connect it to the Binance Smart Chain network. You can use Binance step-by-step guide to do that (use Mainnet parameters). .

MetaMask, TrustWallet, SafePal and any other wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens.
Make sure the wallet supports BEP-20 tokens. If yes, then you can add the token address manually: 0x0de08c1abe5fb86dd7fd2ac90400ace305138d5b